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If you have a business and you are looking forward to getting more customers as soon as possible, you have probably been told to set up a sales funnel to achieve your goal.

But you have no idea what they are talking about, much less how it works!

 I  wanted to dedicate our first article of the year starting out strong, Since this is one of the new Marketing trends, which had been talked about a few months ago, and  SEO Expert in Bangladesh  will finally be developed in 2021 for country.

Here is a short introductory guide :

  • What is a sales funnel?
  • Why is it called a funnel?
  • Stages and structure of a sales funnel: how does it work?
  • 1. Knowledge Stage
  • 2. Stage of Interest
  • 3. Decision Stage
  • 4. Action Stage
  • 5. Loyalty Stage

What is a sales funnel?

In short, a sales funnel is a system that allows us to direct the right customers to your market, where we want.

Unlike a web page or online store, where potential customers would be wandering from one page to another and would get lost with the content and not with the purpose that you want to achieve with your business; is that in a funnel or sales funnel (which after all is a landing page in which you can only scroll up and down, with carefully selected and distributed content), where the purpose is the 'calls to the action ' → that is, a BUY or CONTACT button , directly. 

From the perspective of the website and with an interested customer, he is after all just browsing, comparing products and prices, and possibly and ultimately; buying. 

However, with the sales funnel, we are guiding users through the journey or journey that we want, and visualizing them in each of their steps.

Why is it called a funnel?

Sometimes it can also be described as 'inverted pyramid' , it is so called because it resembles the shape of a fundo. 

The upper part, being wider, is where casual and curious visitors enter, and as potential customers, become aware of the brand. As users scroll down and the funnel becomes narrower, some will be persuaded to continue while others will leave the page. 

In a well-designed funnel, users go through a series of stages in which they will have to make decisions, but as we said, only your ideal customers will make it to the bottom of the funnel. That is, up to your goal. 





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